Build It Better, Make It Matter.

Our Services

General Contracting


LLP Construction Services will provide a comprehensive estimate based upon your completed construction drawings. We will develop an accurate construction schedule and work to deliver a quality project that is completed on-time and within budget. 

Construction Management


We will provide an accurate estimated cost of construction and conduct periodic price checks. We will troubleshoot design and construct-ability issues throughout the process and advise on changes to methods and/or materials to prevent change orders and reduce expenses.



We will put together a team that best suits the project based upon our client's needs and vision. We will hire, lead and manage the Architect and Engineers and provide all of the services of a Construction Manager. 

Pre- & Post-Construction


 We know the work that is done both before and after the build of a project is critical to our success. From cost estimates to schedule and budget development through project close-out and warranties, our clients can count on us to be there every step of the way.   

Space Planning & Design Services


 With the assistance of our sister company, Petrella Interiors, LLP provides a fresh and unique approach to assist in value-engineered design as well as construction. We can deliver a beneficial point of view to any endeavor like few others, and have the unique ability to see a project from a four-sided solution: Design, Construction, Project Management and Client.